The Perversion of Myth in America

This is the first in a very series of posts checking distortion in the classical concise explaination myth throughout prehistoric and historic times. We will commence with the original purpose of myth.

Wikipedia defines myth as “a folklore genre made up of narratives that play an essential role in society, including foundational tales as origin myths.” Examples of such myths include bible stories in the Jewish and Christian faith and also stories from various religious and cultural traditions all over the world. People over the millennia have clung about bat roosting stories to clarify where we originated in, why we’re also here and where we’re also headed.

Although we were looking at meant as teaching stories with lessons in case you listened to them and browse them, many adherents have got these stories literally and so are offended by efforts to portray them as only stories.

In my reading about myth, I have found Joseph Campbell one of the most articulate writer within this topic. His thinking is the most suitable revealed in a very book, The Power of Myth, composed of a combination of interviews with Campbell by Bill Moyers. It almost reads such as a meditation on being human.

Myths for example we have considered until now are meant to offer a framework for considering humanity, our relationship using the universe, the divine and what human our life is about. They were intended to serve as a guide for human living. The original myths were invented and produced by small bands of wandering people and differed widely from a single group to an alternative although they often had similar themes. As civilization developed myths became more widely shared by larger groups of people.

All of such myths try to create a larger framework for the specification of being human at night basics to be born, living and dying. As Campbell puts it, myths exist “to harmonize our way of life with reality in the search for truth, meaning and significance.” At times during human history, competing myths took over as the source of conflict between peoples clinging to their own personal myths which triggered persecution, crusades and also wars inside the name on the myths people followed. These are deviations from the initial purpose of myth. We will consider some of the deviations inside next post.

The next posts would include discussion of myths that contain guided people in understanding from the world, myths which may have been destructive, The myth of Trumpism, and also the future when controling Trumpism.

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