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Guidelines for Finding the Right Women’s Addiction Treatment Facility for Your Loved One

There are some slight differences between the ordinary addiction treatment programs and addiction treatment programs for women since the latter needs to address some addiction-related needs of a woman. As they work through addiction, women need help which makes them feel safe as they try to regain their sobriety. There have been numerous cases where women dealing with drug addiction and alcoholism have been subjected to sexual trauma and abuse. In most cases, women tend to get into alcoholism and drug addiction after experiencing a specific trauma at some point in their life. Histories of physical and sexual abuse have also been reported in most women that have gone through drug rehabilitation facilities.

Unlike men, women real estate throughout their treatment program and complete their recovery once they enter a rehabilitation facility. For a woman to complete her treatment program, they may need special care which focuses on addressing issues like body image, eating disorders, life fulfillment and potential and motherhood. However, finding a rehabilitation facility that can take care of such issues can be quite challenging. There are some essential tips you can follow when choosing one to avoid making any mistakes.

Determine the type of program that suits your needs. Most recovering addicts prefer starting with inpatient or residential treatment programs as they allow them to be fully immersed in the recovery process. It also provides them with a safe and well-structured environment to add on the around-the-clock care they receive. You can then transition into an outpatient program which is more flexible and helps you rebuild healthy independence once you develop confidence in your recovery process. If you have enough support from your family and friends and prefer living at home during treatment, an outpatient rehabilitation program may be a good option.

Find out if specialized care is a part of the rehabilitation program. As a recovering female, some specialized care may be necessary due to some special needs. You should start by confirming whether their rehabilitation facility offers women’s only recovery programs. Once you have one, look at the treatment programs to determine whether they offer services such as addiction treatment, treatment for eating disorders, substance use, mental health issues, and emotional support. If you and dealing with addiction to prescription drugs are opioids, you also need to find a rehabilitation facility that has a program dedicated specifically to treating such a habit. A good women’s rehabilitation treatment facility should only hire professionals that offer the required emotional support and make the recovering addicts feel safe.

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