Do Those Politicians Really Believe That?

I am not sure, which can be more concerning, that, a great number of politicians, manage to not care, don’t thoroughly think and analyze, placed their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, before the common good, or, if many of them, actually, believe, many of the apparent – nonsense, they articulate! Although, many have thought about, politicians, to get less – than, trustworthy, previously, the amount, and extent on this, recently, exceeds, anything, in recent memory! It, probably, came – to – a – head, over the administration of former – President Trump, when political fact – checkers, state, the telephone number, and rate (in addition to degree), of, lies, and misstatements, was alarming, and may have been concerning. Consistently, rather than reversing a situation, any time a lie, was exposed, Trump, often, double – downed on his version of reality! With, that under consideration, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 truly, concerning, areas, where such things happen.

  1. The Big Lie: Never – before, in recent memory, includes a loser of any Presidential election, continued, lying, making excuses, and false accusations, declaring himself, since the real winner, and stating, his opponents committed, stealing the election, employing a slogan, Stop the Steal! His campaign, filed, more court suits, demands for recounts, etc, previously, before, and, all, confirmed, the legitimacy with the election. He continues this, even now, plus the Republican Party, is just about the Party of Trump, accepting the Big Lie! I am not sure, whether, when they, truly, believe this, it isn’t really, even, more concerning!
  2. Trickle – down economics: No major country has ever benefited, from any version, of Trickle – down economics, which, basically, means, rewarding the wealthiest, believing, it’d encourage, more hiring, etc. Instead, we witness, today, perhaps, the greatest/ largest, wage/ income gaps, in recent memory! We, first, witnessed, this method, in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, and, while, the wealthiest, significantly, benefited, the remaining, failed to! The 2017 tax reform, largely, passed, along party lines, also, predominantly, benefited, the greatest corporations, and wealthiest individuals, despite claims, the guts – class, could be the major winners!
  3. Does enhanced, unemployment insurance, discourage, seeking jobs?: Many Republicans claim, the other $300 for enhanced, unemployment insurance, is harming the economy’s recovery, because, it discourages people, from time for the workplace! However, if it amount discourages, exactly what does it, really, indicate, about worker’s wages? Since, unemployment insurance, pays, at most half (to a cap), only, those, earning under $600 every week (about $30, 000 each year), would consider this to be, and, for most parts on this nation, people can’t live, in almost any quality manner, on that little amount!
  4. Excessive use of labels: Many politicians make use of, using, simplistic, labels, to spell it out their opponents! How often, do, so called, conservatives, call, those, they disagree, with, names, for example Socialist, Communist, etc?
  5. Health care: Should, quality medical (and, affordable), certainly be a right, or, simply, available? We hear claims, by many Republicans, the Democrats are attempting to make heath care treatment, socialist!
  6. Minimum wage: Claiming, businesses, do not want to pay a greater wage, ignores, the very fact, the Federal Minimum Wage, has always been, at $7.25 per hours, for approximately 13 years! There is no place, with this nation, it’s possible to afford to live, on that amount! Consider, what this amount, equates – to, when adjusted, for inflation? Wouldn’t an improved approach (fairer), be, to make a new minimum, in increments, over about several years, and, then, once set, automatically, adjusting it, in accordance with the cost – of – living)?

Declaring, many politicians lie, is just not, newsworthy, but, if, they, actually, believe many of, the things they articulate, it has to be concerning! Wake up, America, and grow better, and demand integrity, etc!

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