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Signs That the Used Car You are about to Buy Has Been in an Accident

Given the current economic meltdown it makes sense to buy a used car to save on some costs, however, you need to extra careful especially if you are buying from a private seller, some people will deliberately skip some information regarding the car service history such repairs and changed parts if the car had an accident, this is because they feel the car will become less appealing and lose some values, while that is true this can happen at your cost, you, therefore, need to be vigilant and make sure you scrutinize as much as possible. It is therefore imperative to learn some tricks that ensure you spot some telltale signs of a past accident, learning what to look for when buying a used car can save you a lot because you do not have to always hire a mechanic to do checkup for your every time you spot a used car that interest you. You need to have in mind that a car with good service history is not proof of a car-free accident, for this reason here are some car parts you can use to determine if the car had accidents or not in the past.

Car paint is among the major feature that can tell you a car has been in an accident, this is possible because you will find a paint color that does not match with original color when you check areas such as door jambs, it is also possible to spot some over spray on areas such as windows, headlights, doors, and taillights, although getting a used car that has recently been painted does not necessarily mean it has been in an accident it is always good to ask questions about it and simply look for another one.

The other thing you can use to tell a car has been in an accident are replaced parts, it is common for car parts to be replaced because of wear and tears but there are some parts that car owners only change when a car has been in an accident, such parts include but not limited to bumpers, door and grills, see if they match with the rest of the car body and if you detect something weird ask questions and if you continue doubting the owner looking for a more reliable used car is the ideal solution.

Panel gaps is another feature you can use to learn whether a car has been in an accident, it is not possible to restore a car to its factory state once it gets an accident, even with an excellent mechanic you will still get some gaps on the door if you see an unusual gap between the panel and the body is an indicator of a possible accident in the past, although wear and tear can contribute to these gaps it is always good to be alert as they could as result of past accidents. You can use this guide to identify a used car that has been in an accident.

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